Friday, 2 October 2015

Pool-Campus Recruitment Drive for "INRHYTHM SOLUTIONS"




DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:       1. Resume - 2

                                                         2. Photo copy of all the mark sheets, Provisional Degree Certificates/ Degree Certificates (without fail)

                                                         3.  Photo ID Card (Driving License / Passport / Voter ID card / College ID proof )

                                                         4.  Passport Size Photo - 4

                                              NOTE: WEAR IN FORMAL DRESS ONLY

                                                                  ALL THE BEST    

Thursday, 1 October 2015


                                                       1 DAY TO GO...........

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Friday, 10 April 2015

4-2,3-2,2-2 External Exams Time Table

Hello All,

                            Please find the External Exams Time table And Confirm with the exam branch.

2-2,3-2,4-2 second mid Exams Time table

Hello All,

                          Please find the Mid Exams Time Table,confirm with the Exam branch.

Nano Technology Bits

Hello All,

                            Please Find the  Nano Technology Bits.

DSP Bits

Hello All,

                              Please find the  previous DSP Second mid bits

Click Here To Download 2012 DSP mid QP

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Hello All,


          Please find few HR interview questions.

1.    Tell me something about yourself.

2.    Tell me about yourself which are not there in your CV

3.    What are your strengths and weakness?

4.    What do you know about our company?

5.    Why should we hire you?

    6. How do you handle your stress? (Or)  Can you work under pressure?

    7. Where do you want to see yourself after three years?

    8. What is your salary expectation?

   9. What are your short term and long term goals?

  10. Why do you want to work at our company?

11. If I ask your father what he will be describe about you.

12. If I ask your Lecturer what he/she will be describe about you.

13. How many companies you have applied and what is the response.

14. Why do you want to shift from  electronics to software?

15. Why you have not maintained a good academic record.(why your percentage graph is decreasing form 10th to B.Tech)

16. Are you flexible towards relocation?

17. Do you have any questions?

18. How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

19. Give me an example of your creativity.

20. How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

21. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

22. Explain how would be an asset to this organization?

23. Who inspired you in your life and why?

24. What was the toughest decision you ever have to make?

25. How do you define success?

26. Take me through your CV.

27. What is important for you money or work?

28. What is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?

Placement cell,
Department of ECE, 
Sphoorthy Engineering College.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Signals and Systems unit-1 JNTUH Previous online bits

                                 JNTUH PREVIOUS ONLINE BITS

                                           UNIT-I:     Signal Analysis and Fourier Series


1. The differentiation of a unit step signal is? [b]
a) Ramp signal b) impulse signal c) exponential signal d)parabolic signal

2. If the function x(t) has odd and half wave symmetry, then the Fourier series will have only[a ]
a) Odd harmonics of sine terms b) Even harmonics of cosine terms
c) Even harmonics of sine terms d) Odd harmonics of cosine terms

3. The functions sin nωot, and sin mωot are always [c ]
a) Orthogonal b) Parallel c) Inclined d) None

4. The sum of discrete exponentials with infinite amplitudes gives. [b ]
a) Complex wave b) Periodic wave c) Non periodic wave d) All of the above

5.If ‘θ’ is the angle between two vectors then dot product of the two vectors contains the term.
[a ]
a) cosθ b) sinθ c) tanθ d) secθ

6. In a set of signals, if no signal can be represented as a linear combination of the remaining signals, then such signals are [a ]
( a ) linearly independent ( b ) linearly dependent ( c ) orthonormal ( d ) orthogonal

7. In the trigonometric Fourier series representation of a signal a0 is the [d ]
( a ) RMS value ( b ) peak value ( c ) mean square value ( d ) average value

8. Graphical representation of a signal in time domain is called___ [b ]
a)spectrum b) waveform c) both a&b d) none

9. The signal Acos(wt+ø) is a/an______signal [d ]
a)periodic b) power c) energy d) both a & b

10. The frequency spectrum of a periodic signal is______ [b ]
a)continuous b) discrete c) periodic d) non-periodic

11. The component of vector v1 on vector v2 if v1·v2= 0 is_____ [c ]
a)1 b) c) 0 d)π


1 . The sum of two periodic signals will also be periodic if the ratio of their fundamental periods is a rational number

2   .When the signal exhibits anti symmetry with respect to t=0 it is called odd signal

3.      When the sign of t is changed in x(t) the resultant signal is called folded

4.     In fourier series representation of a signal, if w is the fundamental frequency then nw are called harmonic frequencies

      5. Fourier series is very useful for frequency domain analysis of periodic signals

     6. The plot of magnitude of Cn with respect to “n” is called magnitude line spectrum

     7. For a signal x(t) the condition to be satisfied for half wave symmetry is X (t+T/2)=-X(t)

     8. For a signal X(t) the condition to be satisfied for quarter wave symmetry is X (t+T/2)=-X(t) & X(-t)=+X(t)_and

     9. A vector is specified by Magnitude & Direction

   10. Periodic signals are called the Power Signal

   11. If the Fourier series coefficients of a signal are periodic then the signal must be Discrete-time periodic

   12. The representation of a function x(t) by a set of infinite mutually orthogonal functions is called Fourier series  representation of x(t)

   13. The Fourier spectrum exists only at discrete frequencies

   14. A continuous time signal is the one in which the independent variable is continuous

   15. Let two signals f1(t) & f2(t) are orthogonal over the interval (t1,t2). Magnitude of the component of f1(t) in f2(t) is    ZERO

   16. Time period (T) of the periodic signal x(t)=cos2 t + sin5 t is  2

   17. If x(-t)=x(t), then x(t) is an even signal.

                                                                                                Prepared By
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Arvind chary

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Elections to the student bodies

Hello All,

                         please find the circular related to election bodies in the college.   

Nadargul (Vill), Sagar Road, Near Vanasthalipuram, Saroornagar

                                                                                                            Date: 01-07-2014


All the II & III year B.Tech students are hereby informed that the Elections to the student bodies of the following committees and clubs will be held on _05-07-2014_.. Interested students should file their nominations with Dr. B. Ramachandraiah, HOD English. The Election schedule is as follows:
Last date for Nominatios:      03-07-2014 by 4pm
Last date for withdrawals:   04-07-2014   by 4p.m.
Voting                                    :     05-07-2014

              1.Literary & Cultural club :        1. President
2.  Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Joint Secretary

            2.  Library Committee:                  1. President
                                                                        2. Vice President
                                                                        3. Secretary
                                                                        4. Joint Secretary

            3.  Sports Club:                                1. President
                                                                        2. Vice President
                                                                        3. Secretary
                                                                        4. Joint Secretary

            4.  R&D:                                             1. President
                                                                        2. Vice President
                                                                        3. Secretary
                                                                        4. Joint Secretary

            5.  NSS:                                               1. President
                                                                        2. Vice President
                                                                        3. Secretary
                                                                        4. Joint Secretary

            6.  Canteen:                                      1. President
                                                                        2. Vice President
                                                                        3. Secretary
                                                                        4. Joint Secretary

            7.  Women’s Chapter:                    1. President
                                                                        2. Vice President
                                                                        3. Secretary
                                                                        4. Joint Secretary